Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Sex- Maniac Rapes Woman’s Corpse for Three Hours

 Indian police have reported the arrest of a perverted killer who murdered three family members before he had sex with the woman’s corpse for three hours. Azamgarh Police SP Triveni Singh confirmed the arrest of Nasiruddin, 38, on Monday after investigation into the crime which happened a week ago in Uttar Pradesh, India. Singh said they discovered the victims dead and naked in their home adding that the accused had committed similar crimes in Haryana, Delhi and West Bengal. Nasiruddin, who has been described as a ‘sex maniac’ and a ‘necrophile’, did not deny breaking into the family home at night, hitting the father, 35, with a ‘heavy stone’, before slaying the 30-year-old mother while they were asleep. Singh told news men that the sex with the corpse lasted for three hours before he then raped and injured the 10-year-old daughter and attacked her four-year-old brother. “He engaged in sex with the body for three hours in the house and made a video of the act, which he later showed to his sister-in-law who was horrified. He also admitted to taking a stimulating drug and carried condoms for perpetrating the crime. He used a knife and a heavy stone to kill his victims.” Singh said. The police investigator further told the Indo-Asian News that Nasiruddin also admitted to taking a stimulating drug and used condoms to perpetrating the corpse. The killer showed the footage of the crime to his sister-in-law who was shocked, according to police. It’s unclear whether she played a part in his arrest. The horrific triple murder and desecration comes a month after two teachers in Gujarat were accused of raping a 15-year-old blind girl over a two-month period in a school for children with disabilities

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